Denise Kersten

Owner Solara Health and MedSpa
Certified Laser Technician / Skin Care Specialist

Having gained and lost a large amount of weight in the past, Denise creates a safe judgement free space and enjoys working with laser clients interested in correcting loose skin, scars, stretch marks and spot fat reduction.  

As a registered health practitioner for over 8 years, Denise has a vast knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the body down to the cellular level.  This knowledge when applied to skin care and laser treatments helps her clients to achieve exceptional results.  

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Jacklyn Oakley

Owner Solara Health and MedSpa
Certified Laser Technician / Skin Care Specialist

Jacklyn currently works at Victoria General on the Women’s health and General Surgery floor.  Her experience as a nurse allows her to provide detailed goal focused laser treatments.


"My goal is for my patients to feel at their best in both health and beauty".

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Alexandrea Fuller

Certified Laser Technician / Skin Care Specialist

Lexi is a registered nurse (RN) beginning her career in medical aesthetics. Having graduated from the UVIC Bachelor of Science in Nursing program this year, Lexi is a skilled, caring, and detailed orientated about her work. Prior to becoming a registered nurse, Lexi worked as a health care assistant for several years. She will be pursuing her aesthetic career part time as she is currently working fulltime in acute care on an oncology/palliative care unit. She hopes to transition into aesthetics full time and take her injections/dermal fillers course next year. In the meantime, she aims to advance her scope of practice as a RN by providing evidence-informed care to men, women, and those of the LGBTQIA2S+ community to maintain or enhance the way they look. She hopes to provide her clients with education regarding skin cancer prevention and detecting early signs of aging. 

In adhering to a work life balance, Lexi got married last year and has three dogs including a rescued European Great Dane who is almost 180lb! Lexi loves going to the gym, hiking with her dogs, and living life holistically. 

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Laura Fisher

Certified Laser Technician / Skin Care Specialist

Graduating from Vancouver Island University with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing, Laura is excited to be helping clients recognize and reach their health and beauty goals. Laura believes the evidence-based laser technology used at Solara MedSpa can help clients reach these goals. Laura has a passion for health and wellness, and she believes that feeling good about how you look plays a role in confidence and self esteem! 

Alongside working part-time at Solara Med Spa, Laura keeps her nursing skills current by working at Victoria General Hospital on the Orthopaedic Trauma unit. Laura has found that from her experience working on the Orthopaedic Trauma unit, she brings a gentle touch and compassion to each client experience here at Solara.  

In her downtime, Laura enjoys spending time with her friends and family. Laura loves walking outdoors, watching the sunset, and trying new restaurants!